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Critical Divides: Two Sides in 800 Words

                         A Semi-monthly Blog

                             Peter S. Wenz


This blog reaches out to the curious and fair-minded.

What Do We Owe to Future Generations?

It explores intriguing questions and controversial issues from two perspectives, stimulating the mind and illustrating flexible, fact-based thinking that promotes respect among people who disagree.

truth telling image.heic

Is Telling the Whole Truth               Always Best?


The intriguing questions include such matters as human immortality, the beginning of time, and the probability of communication with extra-terrestrials.

Do Animals Have Reason?

The controversial issues include the participation of transgender girls in high school sports, religious objections to providing wedding cakes for same-sex marriages, and the embrace of religious faith.


Is the Earth a Living Individual?

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Please look for Peter's next book, An Atheist's Guide to Belief in God.

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